We are proud to expose ourselves with ease and full of enthusiastic Real Estate leaders to provide Quality and Commitment oriented results with our innovative and novel efforts with remarkable endeavours to take our company to the next level in terms of introducing new technological advancement and infrastructure concept. we started our work to bring new dimensions across the industry, the vision and the mission is get succeeded always with our best service and determination.

The Visionary founder of Zoltan Infra Developers Private Limited, Mr.Mohd Khiyam Sameer is an expert fellow of the concept who brought the concept of Development with his personal experience which he holds. He has the almost a decade experience in Properties Development and construction plans. The idea has come up with the plans of Mr. Mohd Khiyam Sameer one of the Managing Director of the Company he handles and supervises the innovative inputs in developing the company's Vision and Mission.,

Mr.Mohd Khusroddin who bags almost 10 years of Marketing & Sales experience in Real Estate, Infrastructure, Properties Development concept leads the entire team with his determine and positive team work methods, he looks after Customer Service & Sales of the company to take the customer's satisfaction to the next level with loads of enthusiasm and optimism. Mr.Mohd Khusroddin puts his valuable inputs in selling concepts and end customer satisfaction who serves the company as one of the Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer.

Zoltan Infra Developers Private Limited takes the valuable inputs and services from Mr.Mohammed Ahmed @ Aslam who is one of the Managing Director and promoter of the company. Mr Ahmed promotes the entire company's activities with his valuable and lucrative support in terms of development and growth of the company's investment factor. He always puts his endeavours in developing company's entire activities and concepts with his optimistic attitude and self determination.

The company has a vital participation of Mr.Tyab Kursheed as a Standing Counsel cum Legal Advisor to resist the legal and judicial matters in terms of the Properties and other legal factors. Mr.Tyab Kursheed is a veteran fellow of the judicial side with his valuable participation company has the white and fresh legal philosophy which helps us in selling the right product without any hurdles to the customers.With his more than 20 years of experience in legal department which helps the company in legal matters.

Our Vision

we have 2020 vision though we are pioneer in putting the endeavours we are on the way to bag the right development in terms of Properties, Constructions, Infrastructures, which brings the more and lucrative plans to makes us Leaders. and we strongly believe the slogan We born as Pioneers Grow as Leaders.